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Picture of Turf - Approximately 1m²
This quality, hard wearing medium seeded turf comes in rolls measuring approximately 5ft x 2ft which covers approximately 1m²
£5.00 More Details
Picture of Norfolk Topsoil Bulk Bag (approx. 1 metric tonne)
Bailey’s Norfolk Topsoil is a fertile 100% natural product, ideal for creating raised beds, growing plants in the garden, vegetables on the allotment, laying turf and landscaping
£75.00 More Details
Picture of Raised Bed Allotment Mix (approx. 1 metric tonne)
Norfolk topsoil blended with 20% peat free compost, A high quality growing media
£80.00 More Details
Picture of Turf Dressing Bulk Bag (approx. 1 metric tonne)
Olympian turf dressing will help you maintain and develop a top quality lawn
£120.00 More Details