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Picture of Cambark Premium Pine Bark Nuggets 50 Litre
Suitable for all beds, borders and around trees and shrubs
£12 or 2 for £20 More Details
Picture of Landscape Bark 100ltr
Ideal for pathways and large areas
£10 or 3 for £25 More Details
Picture of Beds & Borders Chipped Bark 70ltr
These attractive bark chips provide a clean, contrasting background for all of your plants and also offer excellent weed control properties, soil moisture retention and thermal protection for plant roots
£8 or 3 for £20 More Details
Picture of Chunky Ornamental Bark Bulk Bag (approx. 1 metric tonne)
Chunky Ornamental Bark is suitable for decorative flower beds and borders
£95.00 More Details
Picture of Decorative Mini Bark Chips 70ltr
These smaller size bark chips are a great decorative mulch, helping to suppress weeds and retain moisture all around the garden
£8 or 3 for £20 More Details
Picture of Stable Manure 80L
Country Natural composted stable manure is a great mulch and/or soil improver
£5 or 3 for £12 More Details
Picture of Soil Improver Mulch Bulk Bag (approx. 1 metric tonne)
An easy-to-use, multi-purpose compost, suitable for adding to poor quality soils to help promote plant growth, aid moisture retention, and reduce the need for chemicals
£85.00 More Details
Picture of Tough Landscape Fabric 10m x 1m Roll
20 YEAR GUARANTEE This weedstop is an extra tough fabric ideal for heavier loads like bark, gravel and decorative stones
£10.00 More Details
Picture of Weedstop Ground Control 50 x 2m
Heavyweight fabric is ideal for use on rough ground and under patios, pathways, decking, large areas of decorative aggregates and suppressing and controlling weed
£70.00 More Details
Picture of Composted Bark 70L
Revitalise tired soils in your garden with Westland Composted Bark
£7 or 3 for £18 More Details